Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seattle Sketchers July Gathering

The Seattle Urban Sketchers got together on the Waterfront Saturday, starting out at the Bell St. Pier and getting back together at Anthony's Fish Bar for lunch. We had another great turnout (maybe 12-14) and cloudless skies to boot. Marty Bauer and I walked south and sketched near the Seattle Aquarium. Again the appeal of the 'not so perfect' industrial crane and barge moored at the pier seemed to call louder than the sailboats.

This is the last sketch in sketchbook #27. There is always a slight tinge of sadness when you put a sketchbook in the storage box, setting aside a constant companion.....

Ah, well enough of that sentimental crap, where's the new book..........

Pioneer Square Alley Door

Sketched this just west of the J & M Cafe. There is something about the 'not so perfect' part of the city that appeals to me. Pen & ink in a Moleskine.

Seattle Center-EMP and Amos Lee

What a beautiful day, now I'm embarrassed with all the whining I did during the 'grey period' (Winter and Spring '10). Tamra and I Metro'd into the Center to see Amos Lee in concert at the Amphitheater. Getting there a little early (yes, I was excited to see him play again), Tamra had time to read and I to finish this sketch started back when the crane was still there.

Always found it hard to draw
Frank Gehry's EMP, but then again, how could they tell if I got it wrong? This is drawn almost at the base of the Space Needle looking north. Pen/ink and watercolor in a moleskine.

And yes, Amos Lee and the Greennote benefit concert were outstanding.......

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A great new sketchbook!

A huge thanks goes out to my friend Marty Bauer who hand made me a beautiful leather bound sketchbook complete with sturdy watercolor and fountain pen friendly paper. This is a sweet book to sketch in and it seemed logical that a 'Jet City' sketch be the first. The horse is from a child's rocker.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Campus Sketch - The Mac Lab

Getting to class a little early provides the opportunity to sit and sketch. This is looking at the 'Mac' Lab where I take my two software classes this summer.

Fountain pen with water soluble ink, and watercolor in a Moleskine.

Back to School

Though I was dreading going back to school and being the 'really old guy' in class, I have discovered that I'm one of many really old people that have gone back to school. Homework has definitely cut back the amount of hours I spend sketching. This sketch was done on the first day of Summer Quarter looking West toward Vashon Island. This really is a beautiful campus, sitting on a hillside above Des Moines and overlooking the Puget Sound (that sketch will come soon).
Pen and ink, watercolor in a moleskine.

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