Sunday, April 14, 2013

Universal Studios - Orlando

Spent a relaxing day at Universal Studios or not...Tamra and I did have a good time with a 100,000 of our closest friends. The lady at the ticket office said 'you could definitely see both parks in one day it was designed for that'. That is of course if no one else shows up.

It was an expensive good time and we unwisely chose to do a bunch of water rides just as the sun was starting to set, burrr.

Florida Vacation - Reunion Resort - Kissimee

Kiersten and the Kentridge High School Wind Ensemble took part in the Heritage Music Competition in Orlando, Florida, so using frequent flyer miles and time share points we took our first real vacation in a number of years.

We stayed at the Reunion Resort with its three golf courses (designed by Watson, Palmer and Nicklaus), ten pools and a water park. Lots of money here, makes one with no money feel a little out of place.

This sketch was done on our last day while the girls were at the water park. It turned out a little cartoony for me, but it had to be quick because the temp was in the mid 80's and as humid as a steam room.

Watercolor wash, pen and ink in a Moleskine sketchbook.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kennedy Space Center - Vehicle Assembly Building

This sketch was done just outside the Saturn Rocket exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center. The taller building is the vehicle assembly building and is the world's tallest single story building at 525 ft and covers 8 acres. This is the place where space shuttles and Saturn rockets were assembled. The weather was partly cloudy, windy and warm and in the time it took me to do this sketch I managed to get a painful sunburn, hey I'm from Seattle, we won't see the sun for two more months....

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