Monday, January 11, 2010

Washington St. Boat Landing

Seattle built this galvanized iron shelter in 1920, supported by 16 decorated steel columns, is very similar in appearance to the earlier iron pergola [in Pioneer Square].

Over the years this building has fulfilled a number of uses: as a landing for ferries and ocean-going ships, as the headquarters of the Seattle Harbor Patrol, and as the U.S. Navy's official shore-leave landing and departure point.

A plaque at the pergola reads "Beneath your feet lies the wreckage of the pioneer sidewheel steamer Idaho, which served from 1900 until 1909 as Dr. Alexander De Soto's famous wayside mission hospital. Here Dr. De Soto ministered to the needs of seafarers and the destitute, donating his time and funds to their care."

Located just south of the Ferry Terminal.

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