Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hungover Stuffed Animals

These two guys were sagging at a table in the Covington Library, their slouching posture suggested a late night of over indulgence. Reminiscent of some of our "Hockey Trips to Canada" to see the Canucks play.

Naturally, after I started drawing them a child came over and rearranged the entire scene - "Hey Kid, quit playing with the toys...."

I've gone back to using my fountain pen (with my newly learned technique for controlling line weight). It works better on watercolor paper than the Pigma Pens, the down side is the water-soluble ink, meaning no color wash. Always learning.


  1. Wonderful sketch. You've really captured the slouchiness of the stuffed animals. Darn kids...always want to play! When will they grow up?


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