Sunday, January 27, 2013

Port of Tacoma

Kiersten had back to back orchestra days in Tacoma which gave me the opportunity to sketch this one day and color it the next. Mother Nature also was kind and though she spared the rain, she did provide some finger numbing temperatures - well, it is still January.

I don't know what building this is, it's old, boarded up and is in need of someone's big wallet to get her back into shape. Let's hope that happens, it's still a grand building even in it's current condition. 

There are a number of mills in the Port of Tacoma and most all have their steam/smoke stacks going. They provide their own cloud system even on the nicest of days.

Don't know if I would do this tall format again, doesn't bode well for computer viewing.

Pen and ink with a watercolor wash in a moleskine sketchbook.

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