Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Ryan Canyon at the Dinner Bell - Chelan, WA

It would be so easy to write a couple of pages about this sketch and the family homestead in Chelan, Washington; I'll try and keep it shorter. 

The family ranch was homesteaded in 1901 and located some 15 miles north of Chelan. As a young teen, I spent my summers in Chelan working in the apple orchards (thinning) and staying with relatives both in town and at the ranch, a gift that only years later did I realize was priceless and too often taken for granted.

Currently the family is working hard to change this canyon into a wedding ceremonial site. What was a canyon floor planted with alfalfa, has been transformed into a beautiful and naturally landscaped setting for marital unions complete with willow trees whose leaves in the afternoon subtle breeze is just as likely to put you in a meditative state (in my case sleep) especially if you were sketching. The planted grass canyon floor is a stark contrast to the brutally picturesque and stunning canyon walls that frame this remote piece of heaven.

This visit was a 4th of July family reunion complete with skillfully barbequed meats and every traditional type of side dish possible. I was able to take advantage of the time before the food was ready to take a stroll down the canyon to sketch; I had already picked a point of view from a family walk earlier. I sat down and was joined by the family heard of horses who originally thought I might have some food for them all, but settled for grazing around me as I sketched.

This sketch was done about half way to the wedding site looking back to the ranch. Pen and ink in a Stillman & Birn beta watercolor sketchbook.

As soon as I heard the dinner bell (actually a triangle) some half mile up canyon, this sketch was over.....there are very few things in my life that might trump the creative process - hunger for a good home cooked meal is one of them.  

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