Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Albro and 13th - Georgetown (Seattle, WA)

This sketch almost never made it to the blog due to a 'senior moment' on my behalf. On a sketch trip to the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, I left my Moleskine sketch book sitting on the outside ledge of a window sill of a home design store called Le' OBJECTSI didn't realize the book was missing until I went to scan this sketch. I lucked out that the owner of Le OBJECTS Tim De Clue had found the book and sent me a note letting me know he had it.

Very grateful to Tim for giving me the opportunity to get this book back, there are a number of sketches done recently I was very fond of.

This sketch is of the Ro Ro Tavern somewhere near Albro and 13th Ave. Right at the north end of Boeing Field.


  1. love this area of south seattle!! i worked at plant 2 for quite awhile... also love georgetown and am enjoying seeing it come to life! have taken many photos there but now that i am sketching and watercoloring i will spend more time there... your work is great.. love the industrial part of seattle myself... the night view of the overhead cranes are a sight to behold!! jeanne in auburn

    1. Jeanne thanks for the kind comments. Georgetown is one of my all time favorite places to sketch. I too used to work there thirty years ago, fond memories.


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